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I have been working for this company for the past 3 years. the reason i joined this company was becuase i had this mad crash on this girl/woman. i found out where she worked and started working there. she is now my boss and i still have not told her how i feel or worked the nerve to ask her. i have been just admiring her from distance for the past 3 years.

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While on a business conference call I got a very bad case of gas. I could not leave the call to visit the men’s room so I decided to let it go since I was the only one in my office. The pressure had built up so when I did let it go it made the loudest sound, everyone started laugh and I did not own it. Finally they blamed to newbie because he has been saying he has been very nervous about the meeting and under a lot of pressure.

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i have been joking around with one of my co-workers about sleeping together and giving me BJ and many other things. but all it was a joke since we are both happily married. but i don’t know what happened tonight we were alone in the office and next think i know we are doing it on copier.

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my boss and I hooked up after a party few months ago. he was drunk and came over to my place and spent the night. to be honest i never had any feelings for him. the only reason i got with him is job security. i have have not done anything with him since but he knows not to miss with me

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I got tipped off that I will be let go on Friday of this week. In order to keep my job I leveraged our company’s no retaliation policy and filed a sexual harassment complaint against my boss today. I would like them to fire me now for at least the next 3 years.

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I Told the owner of the company I work for that my boss is stealing office supplies. I thought my boss will get in a little trouble but the owner is a very irrational man so he fired him instead of taking some disciplinary action

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I was called into HR today and I knew my company is downsizing. Before the HR can start their little speech about the company’s financial trouble and downsizing, I faked a heart attack. The ambulance was called and was taken to the hospital. It looks like I will be safe for next few months.

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I spent a nice weekend golfing, but my boss thinks i am sick and is doing my owrk with a couple of guys back in the office

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My boss is such a dumbass that he will let me get away with anything, just becuase i told him that i am atracted to him (which I am totaly not)

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My boss caught me sleeping in my cubicle a while back and I told him that I am Diabetic and it is a disability. That dumb-ass is believed me. Now when do fall asleep he does not bother me

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