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I cheated on you and never told you. I meant to. It was a mistake. But I knew you wouldn’t forgive me. You would have left me.

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I am about to get married with my 4 years relationship-lover.We promised to each other that we won’t lie or keep secrets from each other.This incoming October,he will be working at Australia and so he wants to resume the wedding earlier than the real date.I agreed,I tried gowns and even chose many things for the wedding.

However,he has gone missing since 7th July.On the 12th,I found out that he has facebook account.He even added so many sexy girls and his photos are more to sex stuffs.I was so shocked to death because last few months,I found that same account and he denied about it.Also,his cousin tagged his photo and should I say that is not his account?What am I?Stupid?

I lose 3 kilos within a week,something in me is trying to cry and scream but it just couldn’t.What makes me so disappointed is him who lied to me,keeping secrets from me,gone missing for 10 days,denied about facebook account,denied about girls that I found and so many things.

I don’t know whether I should call off the wedding or not.The saddest thing among all is,”I thought I know you,No I don’t..Were those your true color?”

Honestly..I have forgave him but my heart refuse to accept him anymore.

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This past weekend I was with my support group (drug use support group). The event was very helpful and fun. The but I fell off the wagon when one of the attendees invited me to his room. There were six of us and a simple get together turned into a gathering of sex and drugs. Now I have to recover all over again and worst of all I have lie to my husband who has been my biggest supporter.

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I get an annual end of year bonus from my employer. For the past 5 years that I have been working for this company I have asked to be issued a live check instead of direct deposit. My wife is not aware of this and I send it all on my own toys and boys outings.

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Well, when i was a freshman in high school, i was dating a junior from another school. I loved her, but then i was little by litte getting attracted to men, and for 4 years i was cheating on her with 10 differentguys during high school and college. I am a US Air Force Academy graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Law and a captain in the Air Force stationed in Las Vegas, NV and she has a undergraduate andgraduate degree from the University of the District of Colombia, a Bachelors of Science in Law and a Professionals in Legal Studies. We are married and have 2 girls and a boy. 5 years after my graduation one oof the guys i cheated on her with from high school coomes back and wants toget on me again. Now my wife suspects a relationship i had when i was in the academy. Hope she doesnt find out.

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Last week while on a cruise on my honeymoon with my husband, both my husband and I got so drunk one night that the only thing I remember is give head to a guy who kept following me for the rest of the cruise. I don’t think my husband know since I found him passed out on one of the deck. I am not sure if should tell him or carry on with lying to him?

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I met this wonderful guy a few weeks ago and spend some time with him without my husband’s knowledge. We just started out as friends but he started making advances at me. At first I resisted but then I went with the flow. Yesterday he asked me to go on a weekend cruise with him and I told him yes. I don’t want to leave my husband but this guy can give me so much that my husband can’t. I will keep this until something happens.

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I have been a gold digger since I can remember anything. money was everything for me. 2 years ago I started working for a software developing company and soon after hooked up with the company’s owner (of course for his money). After a few dates I made him believe that I was pregnant and he proposed. How we have been married for a year and half. My views in life has changed. I love him for the person he is and not for his money. I will spend the rest of my life with him even if he no longer has money. But I am afraid of what if one day he finds out that our marriage is based on a lie.

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I came to Vegas this week on a business trip. all went will until i started playing. next thing i know i have charged over 15k on my Credit card and nothing to show for. i don’t know how to break it to my wife since we are saving for a down payment for our new house.

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I have been dating this girl for 2 weeks now and somehow she has gotten this idea of I have a big dong. I think this may be due to hanging around my bastard friends. I am not small but I am not as huge is she thinks. I don’t want to disappoint her when we do the deed. I am thinking about ending just to avoid this awkwardness.

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