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I am in love with my sisters boy friend who is feeding me lines. i love my sister and don’t want to hurt her in way shape or form.

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I once stole $300 from my moms purse but it was blamed on the cleaning lady and my mom fired her.

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I have been working for this rich old man (93 years old) and his wife. i house set for them while they are gone on vaction. i get to drive all of thier expensive cars and show off in them. i even bring grils home and tell them the place is mine. the problem is the my boss does not know about any of this and i just got into a finder binder in one of thier cars. i know they will fire me once they find out. i realy don’t want to lose my job.

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My neighbor has been a total jerk since I moved to my house 4 years go. I have tried to make friends with him but for whatever reason he has hated me. He bad mouths me every chance he gets. 2 months ago I installed a hidden cam in my side yard to watch my son’s time of arrival to home at night and the camera caught my jerk neighbor smooching with some women. So I copied that to a CD and anonymously put it at their front door addressed to his wife. I think he will be moving out of our neighborhood soon.

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I was pulled over for speeding couple of nights ago and the cop was a woman. i am told that once a female cop pulls you over there is no getting out of the ticket. but I did by telling her that i just caught my husband in bed with another woman. she told me that i need stop driving untill I not upset anymore and she let me go.
oh one more thing i am not married.


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My boy friend has been asking me to invite one of my girlfriends’ to join us for a night of fun. I have been telling him that I don’t like another female with us. I told him that I have homo phobia. And of course what I have not told him is that I experimented with homosexuality for about 2 years while in school.


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In the past several months I have developed a friendly relationship with a waitress at the local restaurant. My girlfriend has been very jealous of me being friendly with her and has warned me to stay away from her. I have said yes to my GF but continued my fiendship with the waitress and thinking we are only friends and there is not harm in that until she jumped my bone last week and now I can’t even face my GF

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I spent a night with my nieghbor’s wife while her husband was on a business trip and my wife was visting the inlaws. all was done and than 9 months later she had a baby. she claims that its her husbands but the kid looks like me—–

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