So, I’ve been with this guy for a year and a half and I can’t tell you how miserable sticking around makes me feel at times like today. He is so intrusive and my feelings are constantly being ignored. I can’t text without him stealing my phone, I can’t have any male friends (I had a few when we met because they were closest to me/very platonic), he questions why I’ll always talk to one of my parents when “it wasn’t like that when we met”, he barely does anything around the house unless I ask (the only thing he’ll do is feed my cat maybe once a week), he always ridicules me and puts me down and even my parents notice it and say things. We quit smoking this time last year and I started again in February. I told him I’d had one cigarette and I flipped his lid. Well guess what, fuck you, boyfriend.

This is my first real relationship, is it normal to get treated like this? Like, is this is what it’s like living together? I’m guessing not because some people get married and I can barely see my future with this guy/he puts me off wanting to get married and have kids. I guess I’m too weak to break it off.

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