I fell in love with Ames Brown from The Bachelor Pad.
I know it would be impossible for him to love someone
like me as I’m only 20.I’m a woman that hardly to fall in
love because when come to love,I’d give the best for my
man.For so many years,I never have a love feeling like
what I’m feeling now towards Ames Brown.We’re both
strangers and will always be.So I wrote a song about him
and I hope someday he knows that I like him.Let’s start
it with a ‘like’ not ‘love’ :)

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I am about to get married with my 4 years relationship-lover.We promised to each other that we won’t lie or keep secrets from each other.This incoming October,he will be working at Australia and so he wants to resume the wedding earlier than the real date.I agreed,I tried gowns and even chose many things for the wedding.

However,he has gone missing since 7th July.On the 12th,I found out that he has facebook account.He even added so many sexy girls and his photos are more to sex stuffs.I was so shocked to death because last few months,I found that same account and he denied about it.Also,his cousin tagged his photo and should I say that is not his account?What am I?Stupid?

I lose 3 kilos within a week,something in me is trying to cry and scream but it just couldn’t.What makes me so disappointed is him who lied to me,keeping secrets from me,gone missing for 10 days,denied about facebook account,denied about girls that I found and so many things.

I don’t know whether I should call off the wedding or not.The saddest thing among all is,”I thought I know you,No I don’t..Were those your true color?”

Honestly..I have forgave him but my heart refuse to accept him anymore.

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Bryan,I will always remember how you threatened to kill my family.I always make you as a good person in front of everybody,why must you treat me so bad?

The truth is,you hurt my feeling.I am now physically and mentally abused.Even worse,I become penniless for helping you.Because of you,I believe there’s no good guys out there.Because of you,I reject the word ‘marriage’ in my life.Because of you,I wanna move out to somewhere else.Maybe a real whore would love to accept you than me.

Ni de Paupei (Baobei)

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Bryan,I was so afraid with last night’s incident.The only person I can trust besides mom and dad is you.Unfortunately,you became pissed off and talked like it was all my fault.You even blamed me for everything.I called you for a help,I hoped you’ll calm me down but then you didn’t.You hanged up the phone.I was so sad because you made me crying.I text-ed you,asking you to calm me down,you became mad and talked like I purposely and like doing all of them.We’ve been together for 4 years and why you’re acting in that way?Why?I tried my best and I didn’t lie.You know I love you,right Bryan?You are poor,ugly,smelly,short,unpredictable,sex addict,stupid,dropped out,yellow teeth,smoke cheap cigars,but you still have balls treating me like sh*t.I am a rich,pretty,smart,high educated lass.You know why am I still with you?Because I feel like good guys are extinct.How I wish,I’ll find the real one.

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I am saving my money and I will run away from the family and move out somewhere out from my country.I am planning to go somewhere at Northern Ireland.As I have enough money,I will rent a house at there,write resume and send to many workplaces at there and take international driving license.All I want to do is,be a new person and leave everything behind.The truth is,I have already make my will and things I have at here,I will give them to my mother.It is hurt doing all of these but I have to heal myself from being disappointed and sad all the time.

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I am sorry BRYAN for rejecting your proposal twice.It is not because I am not ready.It is YOU who made me changed my mind.I wish you would listen to me and change your behavior.I listened to yours but you did not.What do you expect me to do if you are not doing the same?We always love each other but love cannot save us if we do not give our best for it.I love you,Bryan and I will always do.

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Adrian made my life miserable and I always want to kill him

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I can’t stand seeing my bestfriend for being a perfect whoree.She had sexx with a father of the church,brother of a church,italian guy,a chef,chinese guy,muslim guy,drug addict,body builder guy,cousin,our english teacher,her soon to be husband,dubai guy and I’m not sure if there any again out there.She made out with multiple guys and she made out at the public.Friends complaint to me and I can’t do anything because if I do,she will said that I’m fat and she’s thin and so she wants to test her power upon guys.She always said I’m fat and last few months,I met her.I saw she’s fatter than me and she looks like a freakin retarded pigg.I was so sad because her mother always thought that I’m the bad influence meanwhile,I’m the one who is trying to heal her from her sexx addiction.She lied to her mom about having sexx and only admit she had it one time only and lied her mom about her abortion!Gosh I hate to keep her dirty secret and also hate being the bad image upon her mom and her family.She goes to the church every week and everybody praise her for being someone holy and pretty and also clever.She even told me that my bf’s family like her and she sounded like she wanna take him away from me.I found out that the entire of my bf’s family actually hated her for being so arrogant and feelin’ pretty all the time.

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I wish my BF will stop smoking,quit tells lies and put on deodorant on his smelly armpits.
I wish I wish I wish

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