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Bryan,I was so afraid with last night’s incident.The only person I can trust besides mom and dad is you.Unfortunately,you became pissed off and talked like it was all my fault.You even blamed me for everything.I called you for a help,I hoped you’ll calm me down but then you didn’t.You hanged up the phone.I was so sad because you made me crying.I text-ed you,asking you to calm me down,you became mad and talked like I purposely and like doing all of them.We’ve been together for 4 years and why you’re acting in that way?Why?I tried my best and I didn’t lie.You know I love you,right Bryan?You are poor,ugly,smelly,short,unpredictable,sex addict,stupid,dropped out,yellow teeth,smoke cheap cigars,but you still have balls treating me like sh*t.I am a rich,pretty,smart,high educated lass.You know why am I still with you?Because I feel like good guys are extinct.How I wish,I’ll find the real one.

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