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My Parents hate me, my siblings hate me, the kids in school bully me every day, i get swirly everyday, i once gather my nerves to ask a girl out and she made fun of me and posted it online which made very one hate me more and make fun of me more. at this point I don’t see a reason why should to even be in this world or i don’t think anyone will miss me. as a matter fact i will do the world a favor if i depart.

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I have been acting like there is nothing wrong and trying to present a happy image to everyone. I have been living a lie

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  1. j says:

    The thing about life is there is always the future. You can change things and everyone that doesn’t like you, you don’t need them. You should probably try and work things out with ur parents but if they really “Hated” you then you don’t need them either. Life might be harder but you still have ur shot at living. Also after you graduate school there is not any nerds or popular kids etc everyone is the same. No one will know who you are or anything about your past so life does get better

  2. patty says:

    Don’t. I know what you’re going through trust me I get
    bullied, I get made fun of. My parents don’t really care. Just be you & don’t mind others. Strive for success. Look for a job save money for a car do good in school graduate. Become what you want to be In life & eventually youll outshine anyone who doubted you & hated you. You’ll be like damn I’m making alot of money i have my car beautiful ladies want me. Trust me. Its gonna be like that. Yeah its gonna take long hard work but it’s worth it. People make fun of me & guys reject me but I’m just like oh well when i become a dancer or actress they’ll hear about me & they’ll look stupid cuz they won’t have what you do. I’ve contemplated suicide many times but I haven’t because I know one day in gonna be somewhere & everyone who doubted me is gonna look stupid while this time, on gonna be the one laughing in their face :) if you need anyone to talk to just hit up my email

  3. Tiffany says:

    Seriously don’t worry about them. When you put your brain and heart to your passions, no once can stop you and you will find people that will help you. One of my friends felt this way many years ago, but what she didn’t know was that I loved her like a sister and would’ve flown down there for her on what little money I had. Instead of using their negativity to put you down, use it to fire your passion to prove them wrong. Go for your dreams and achieve them, then everyone will look at you in shock and wonder how you got there and they didn’t and that’s when you say because you used their negativity to fuel your fire. And swirly wise, take it to the principal as that isn’t right, and try to make friends with someone if you can. If I knew you, trust me, I would try to make friends with you, I love new friends as well as spend years teaching myself not to judge others. But don’t give up on life just because others don’t believe in you, believing in yourself is all you need to succeed in life. Plus being 18 and out of the house in college with scholarships is something you should look forward to as it is completely different than school when you are young and no one cares about stereotypes or pasts. Just love yourself and you can do anything.

  4. Jacob s. says:

    Just be confident and don’t look at the mean people, find a group of kids who can be nice to you, if your family really hates you and you want to commit suicide , call 911 and tell them you are going to kill yourself and then they will help you with the family.

  5. anon says:

    please don’t. that’s not the way to fix things. ignore them. trust me, people will miss you. that girl is too stupid that she didn’t take up on your date offer. I’m positive that you’re a great young man with a great head on your shoulders. please keep your head up. life is so precious. life is so very precious. please continue. continue with your studies, you have so much ahead of you i’m sure. to end it all would ruin everything.. leave it in the hands of God. please take care of yourself. please.

  6. Bailey says:

    IT WONT LAST 4EVR!!!!! i promise. ive been there. find something worth holding onto. for me it waas the thought of my 3 year old sister having to deal with my dad withoout me there. if that doesnt help, try building a bridge between you and your parents or siblings. every life is special. i know sometimes it doesnt feel like it, but you are here for a reason. weather that reason is to save a good man’s life or take a bad one’s, you are important to the world. dont be selfish and take your life from those who will love you when they come to know you. be proactive and say “you may not ove me today, but you will love me tomorrow!” have a short memory because even though revenge feels good, it only breaks your spirit and corrups your soul. LET GO OF YESTERDAY AND HOLD ONTO TOMORROW

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