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I can’t stand seeing my bestfriend for being a perfect whoree.She had sexx with a father of the church,brother of a church,italian guy,a chef,chinese guy,muslim guy,drug addict,body builder guy,cousin,our english teacher,her soon to be husband,dubai guy and I’m not sure if there any again out there.She made out with multiple guys and she made out at the public.Friends complaint to me and I can’t do anything because if I do,she will said that I’m fat and she’s thin and so she wants to test her power upon guys.She always said I’m fat and last few months,I met her.I saw she’s fatter than me and she looks like a freakin retarded pigg.I was so sad because her mother always thought that I’m the bad influence meanwhile,I’m the one who is trying to heal her from her sexx addiction.She lied to her mom about having sexx and only admit she had it one time only and lied her mom about her abortion!Gosh I hate to keep her dirty secret and also hate being the bad image upon her mom and her family.She goes to the church every week and everybody praise her for being someone holy and pretty and also clever.She even told me that my bf’s family like her and she sounded like she wanna take him away from me.I found out that the entire of my bf’s family actually hated her for being so arrogant and feelin’ pretty all the time.

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