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My mom has wondered why the dog keeps sleeping with me every night and has started humping everything it sees and i told her its because hes just a dog who likes to do that or maybe one of the neighbors dogs are in heat… when in reality i let him have sex with me everynight.

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  1. beth johnson says:

    I almost sh-t when I read your story cos i never thought anyone but me would like that. My boyfriend LaRonn (not his real name, but i’m rly proud of him–big time–cos he’ black and HOW), ennaway, LaRonn and his bfs (who we call the Homies–i love that) ennaway, they used to MAKE me do there dogs -5- but now they kind of LET me do it. Do you do orel on it? God- o- GOD i love that!! If you do it i don’t need to tell you how heavenly it is. Course doing ALL that sh-t is like kissing God right on the lips. Too bad for you you can’t know how the only thang better is DOING LARONN!!! Well i don’t think they’ll let my comment thru without i join-up and sh-t, but i’m trying ennaways cos i want to here from you abt this topic of ours. Love, bethxxx16. OK i joined, i think. Pls tel me abt yourself–and your df (DOGFriend, of course!) Also do you go w/ any black guys? (Believe me, you need to).

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